RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 24 July 2003

7T5 Club Information Page

The Club was formed for 75th Entry members to promote social gatherings and to enable those wishing to contact old friends from our days at Halton to do so. 

The total number at entry was 373, but with others who were 'restreamed' from Senior entries, the finishing total of members was around 420.

The club was formed in 1991, with an initial group of 60+ members, and has since grown to a total of 190+ members.

Of the others, 27 are with other Entries, 34 are 'not interested', 41, sadly, have passed away, and the remainder (101) we are still trying to locate. (So keep your eyes peeled, and your ears open and let the committee know!)

We have had several re-unions (other than the Triennial Halton 'all entry' re-unions) and these were enjoyed by all who attended (and their wives) The last one was the AGM and 'Get Together' at Shawbury and Cosford (the current home of No 1 S of TT) in September 2002.

Smaller sub group gatherings, (e.g. one by all the members who were ex occupants of 14-4) have also been organised and were a great success. 

Ongoing Project

To locate all those who were part of the 75th and who are still 'missing'.

If you have any information on other entry members, please pass it on to either of the addresses in the Contact Section, so that the contact procedure can be put into operation. (See Entry List pages for those missing.)