RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 16 July 2003)

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Airfields and 'New' Workshops Page

We all remember the 'Black Macs' - they were a status symbol - signifying that you were now on the Airfields Phase and nearing the end of your training.


Two Trogs

Paddy and Steve

'Ginge' Thompson, Charley Narraway, Tonk Plummer, Chips Fisher & Charles ??.

Airfield Standing Orders

Airfields Exam Schedule

'Bing' Crosby and a Mossie.

Lincoln and Brigand.


Meteors & Mossies in the Background.

Marching back through the woods from Airfields 1

Marching back from Airfields 2

'New' Workshops were mainly the province of the Riggers. Here are some of the Aircraft we had.


Meteors, Walrus and some Sunderland Floats


We also had some experimental aircraft parked outside 'New' Workshops - this one was a Meteor on to which they had grafted two Sapphire Engines! It was supposed to have gone from a standing start to 39,000 feet in 3 minutes.

Supermarine 517. Basically a swpt wing Attacker but this one had a swivelling tailpipe, a sort of early thrust vectoring.

Why these experimental aircraft were sent to Halton is a mystery, because being so 'non-standard' specification, they would have been of little use as training airframes.

As some of you may remember, we also had Neville Duke's World speed record breaking Red Hunter, WB 188.
It had had Apprentices crawling over it for about six months, when the 'Powers That Be' suddenly decided the engine was still Top Secret (!)
and the Aircraft was hastily shrouded with screens until a crew from Hawkers came down and took the engine away.