RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 18 July 2003)

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Dave Bowen's Page
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Dave Bowen in 2000

D Walker, J Hooper, P Till and others

Barrack room

N Peters, B Cripps, F Clark, A Cross, D Bowen & D Skelton

First Time Out in London

D Bowen, A Cross & T Brooks

Woodvale Summer Camp

J Brett, A Cross, Dave Bowen & Others

Langworthy, Till, Walker & ?


               Brian Cripps          Dave Skelton         'Hogey' Hogarth    Tony Cross & Dave Bowen

Dave would like to know who this is?

Derek Stocker, known just as 'Stocker' on his new 1956 Royal Enfield 250 Clipper. A good bike for it's day which I think he rode to Kent on a regular basis. He was one of four of us posted to RAF Linholme in 1956. From memory he kept himself to himself and was a quiet fastidious sort of chap, always down in the hanger early and last to leave. This is why he probably got a posting to 'Queens Flight' at RAF Benson and I didn't. You actually had to apply for this posting!