RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 17 July 2003)

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Ephemera Page

I Know, I Know, you're asking "What the hell is Ephemera"?

Well, as those of you who watch the Antiques Road Show, will know, Ephemera is defined as 'a short lived thing' - or those Items (Paper,Card, Ice Sculptures etc) which disappear unless special precautions are taken to preserve them.

Amongst the ephemera here are the letters which document our progress towards Halton and our passage through there.
I am somewhat amazed that after all this time, we appear to have assembled the full set!

My Thanks to all those, whose hoarding away of useless bits of paper, has allowed us to show these Ephemera.

With Special thanks to Bob Horn (who originally assembled the base collection)
and Trevor Wright (who has (bravely) donated an exam result)

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Our 'invitation to take the Entrance Examination.

Guidance for filling in application forms (1)

Guidance for filling in application forms (2)

You're part way there! (1)

You're part way there! (2)



How You get there.

Train Times (1)

Train Times (2)

You've arrived Safely.(1)

You've arrived Safely.(2)

As the man said after (the Swine) he had sworn us in ..."Good Luck!...You'll need it........You won't get it !.


And now some other oddments you kept.....

'Excused Marching'

(thanks, Trevor)

Reminds me of someone ..........

....I Know!