RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 18 July 2003)

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Dave Honey's Page

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'Seeing the Light'

'Reasty Thompson, 'Taff' Rees & Dave Honey

Dave Bradshaw

Dave Honey & ?

Dave Honey, 'Paddy' Padrazola & Karl Webster

Denizens of Block 14 Room 2

Standing - Dave Honey, 'Reasty' Thompson, Dave Bradshaw, Mick Furber, 'Smudge' Smith, John Whitehead, ?(with Beret), Taff Rees, Roy Bateman, Bert Longstaff, 'Joss' Jones

Kneeling - Karl Webster, 'Paddy' Padrazola, 'Crock' Crockford, ?(with Beret), ??, 'Mole' Maylam, 'Ollie' Hall


Standing - Karl Webster, 'Reasty' Thompson, 'Mole' Maylam, Roy Bateman, 'Smudge' Smith, , Bert Longstaff, 'Cash' Dibbs, 'Ollie' Hall'

Kneeling - Bob Musgrave, Joss' Jones, 'Paddy' Padrazola,

Sitting - ???, Taff Rees, Dave Honey

Dave Honey, Burmese ? & ???

Three Wing in the Snow