RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 18 July 2003)

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Bob Horn's Page
See also Bob's text page

Bob was our first Archivist, and the items he collected on our behalf are now safely ensconced in the Trenchard Museum at Halton.

A large amount of what I have on this site is down to him. Thanks, Bob.

Bob Horn & Brian Reece at Woodvale

??, 'Locker' Keay & ?? - Woodvale

'On The Town' - Southport!Townsend & Bob

'On The Town' - Southport! Townsend & John George

Steve ? at Woodvale

Tom Broughton, 'Doughy' Baker & ??

Ah, Those wonderful Pay Chits - 7/6d a week - Remember?

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Flying Display programme circa 1953

Kit Layout Poster!

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