RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 17 July 2003)

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Pass Out Page

At Last.... 1st August 1956....The crowning day of our time at Halton....Passing Out Parade.

And what did it do???.... It Rained!! ...Not a light shower, but a steady drizzle, and cold as February.

Still, we made it through, white blanco all over our Best Blues and frozen to the marrow.

373 of us started in on September 15th 1953 and 260 of us made it.

Here are a few memories of that Day.

Parade Ready. (Photo - Jeremy Fisher)

Unfurl the Queens Colour. (Photo - Jeremy Fisher)

March On Queens Colour. (Photo - Jeremy Fisher)

Ready to March Past. (Photo - Jeremy Fisher)

March Past 1 (Official Photo)

Queen Colour March Past. (Photo - Jeremy Fisher)

March Past 2 (Official Photo)

Counter March. (Official Photo)

March Back To Parade Position. (Photo - Jeremy Fisher)

General Salute.......Pre..sent Arms!

(Official Photo)