RAF HALTON 1953 - 1956

(Updated 16 July 2007)

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This is now (I hope) a full photographic record of all of us as we were in our first week at Halton.

Room 11-1 Room 11-2 Room 11-3 Room 11-4 Room 11-5 Room 11-6
Room 12-1 Room 12-2 Room 12-3 Room 12-4 Room 12-5 Room 12-6
Room 13-1 Room 13-2 Room 13-3 Room 13-4 Room 13-5 Room 13-6
Room 14-1 Room 14-2 Room 14-3 Room 14-4 Room 14-5 Room 14-6
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Room 16-1 Room 16-2 Room 16-3 Room 16-4 Room 16-5 Room 16-6
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I now have all Room Photo's, but I STILL need the names to fill the blanks under many of them.  Can you help to fill the blanks from your memory?

Also think I have a 'fairly good' hold on the numbers of the 75th Entry, which can be checked on the WebMasters Page - Click here to Go Look-See

Room 11 - 1

Back Row - James Mailer, Tun Zaw, David Basher, Christopher Howland, Brian Whitehead, Unknown

Middle Row - Win Htoo(Maynard), Mc Clelland, Keith Knight, Michael Carling, Michael Williams, Tin Aye

Front Row - Frederick Mundy, N Peters, Tun Lwint, Sgt Orr, Peter Hamer, Anthony Diaz, Eddie Hapugoda

Room 11 - 2

Back Row - Mike Thomas, M Reeve, Gary Keen, Mick(?) Clarke, ??, 'Smudge' Smith

Middle Row - Ken(?) Harding, Thomas (Paddy) Dunphy, Edward Hayhoe(?), Gordon Lovegrove, Jim(?) Harris, Frank Clark, ??

Front Row - David Kyffin, John Tidbury, 'Jock'Taylor, ??, Johnny Brett, Larry Evans

Room 11 - 3

Back Row - Tom Jones, Pete Rickwood, P Snelling, W John Plested, Bob Durston, Jim Guildford

Middle Row - Alan Styles, Pete Bulbick, Louis Ellis, Hugh Dennett, 'Ginge' Cooper, Gerald (fred) Gibson, Derek Stocker, Colin 'Wally' Hammond

Front Row - David Norris, Pail Randall, Phillip Hicks, Paddy Orr, 'Wilbur' Wright, Donald Farrow, Den De'Ath-(or Kenneth Norton?).

Room 11 - 4

Back Row - Rex Knight, William Griffiths, Clive Johnson, Michael, Dunkinson, Michael Yates(?), Robert Davis

Middle Row - Kenneth Norton, David Emmerson, William Griffith, Roger Darley, Peter Fryer (de Frere), Rowland Hackett, Roger Leighton, Alan Relf

Front Row - Harry Steins, Barry Richardson, Peter Rogers, Sgt Orr, John Hatchett, Peter Flint, Ray Garnham

Room 11 - 5

Back Row - Dave Bowen, Tony Cross, Dave Walker, John [JP] Smith, Bernard [Brian] Cripps, Dave Castle. 
Middle Row - John Hooper, Tony Collins, David Smith, Vic Langworthy, Mike Bray, Barry [Buzz] Busby, Brian Warne, Roy Dillon. 
Front Row - Ted [Ernie] Girdler, Dave Skelton, Mick Newman, Sgt.Paddy Orr, Paul [Nobby] Rowles, William [Hogey] Hogarth, Pete Till.

Room 11 - 6

Back Row - Maurie Hindson, Vic Lax, 'Duke' Cooper, Bob Keefe, Ken Hollands, Pete Milton
Middle Row - Maxie Clayton, James (Jock) Moultrie, Ronald (Paddy) Dobbyn, Charlie Redshaw, Paul Cook, Will Beare, Robin Taylor, Percy Rowlandson
Front Row - David Medland, Brian Jory, Dave Holcroft, Sgt Orr, Bob Howarth, John Press, 'Dink' Smith

Room 13-1

Back Row - "Mac" Mcoy; Brian Neve; Brian Reece; "Chas" Charlwood; ? Thomas/Thompson(?); "Blondie" Hardie;

Middle Row- John Skey; "Nap" Elsie; Dave Roberts; Bernard Horsfall; Pete Bowden; Laurie Richards

Front Row- "Snowy" White; Bert Braillard; "Tonk" Plummer; Sgt Davies; Arthur Knight; Dave Knight; "Ginge" Speake

Room 13-2

Back Row - Jack Harris, ??, K Brooks, Gordon Clift, Jeff Skyrme
Middle Row - Robert (Ginge) Thompson, Gordon (Ginge) Dinning, Dave Borthwick, Peter Jamieson, ??
Front Row - Frank Williams, 'Jerry' Baker, Dave Wareham, Sgt Davies, Colin (Dusty) Miller, Brian Rowley, Trevor Nutland


Room 13-3

Back Row - Richardson, Mountford, (Lew) Lewington, Gibson, Warner, Burke

Middle Row - Simon Winterton, Bryan (Curly) Smith, Drysdale, Dave Crosby, Wallace, (Beau) Beauchamp.

Front Row - John (Hap) Higgins, Ratcliffe, Sgt Davies, Stent, Stuart Alexander

Room 14-1

Back Row - Charles (Ginge) Franks, Derek Quinnell, Hugh Robinson, Keith Onan-Read, Robert (Jerry) Barratt, Gordon Carr

Middle Row - Edward (Ted) Smith , Michael (Mick) Janes, Malcolm (Wink) Thomas, Anthony Mathews, Michael (Cab)Green, John (Rock) Assitter

Front Row - ???, Harry Bone, Robert (Tich) Hewett, Sgt Davidson, David Perch, Gordon (Sam) Libbey  

(List compiled from the WebMasters Memory)

Room 14-2

Back Row - Ronald Elliott, Grenville Bailey, David Bradshaw, Roger Smith, Roy Bateman, Robert Musgrave

Middle Row - Karl Webster, Jock Petherick, R (Taff) Rees, A (Mole) Maylam, R (Reasty) Thompson, Anthony Russell, Michael Furber

Front Row - Leon (Paddy) Padrazola, David Honey, John (Crock) Crockford, Sgt Davidson, Alan (Ollie) Hall, Brian (Bert) Longstaff, Norman (Joss) Jones(100)

(again, List compiled from the WebMasters Memory)

Room 14 - 3

Back Row - (Gaffer) McGuire, Dave Nobbs, Bob Horn, John (Gabby) Hayes, Trevor Welby, John (Doughy) Baker

Middle Row - Graham Pocock, Dave Blunt, Alan Medhurst, Mike Spencer, Joe Dempsey, Bob Shirfield, John Paul

Front Row - Tony Brown, John George, Tony (Ginge) Page, Sgt Davidson, Dave Rice, Pete Townsend, Walter (Locker) Keay

Room 14 - 4

Back Row - Mike King, Colin Quinn, Trevor (Cash) Dibbs, Michael Stagg, Desmond (Des) Short, David Preston,

Middle Row - Anthony Whelan, Edward (Eddy) Palmer, David (Gomby) Howell, Richard (Ginge) Brown, David Wallace, Ian Hart,

Front Row - Brian (Tom) Finney, Gordon Roberts, Colin Malam, Sgt Davidson, Anthony Norris, John Henstock, Thomas (T.K.) Gilmore.

We later had 'Ollie Hall, Kyi Win and Hla Aye in 14-4, but does anyone remember if anyone moved out to 'make room' for them? I can't think of any moving out, but that would make 21 bedspaces in the room. Any Thoughts?

July 2003 - Thinking on it, perhaps Colin Quinn ( Hospitalised) Mick Stagg, & 'Tom' Finney may have moved out, but that's only a guess.(WebMaster)

Room 14-5

Back Row - Perera(?), Yates, ???, ???, 

Middle Row - Jeremy (Chips) Fisher (Collins), Darryl Young, ???, ???, John Whitehead(?)

Front Row - Thein Zan, ???, Robert (Titch) Young, Sgt Davies, ??, Ba Than(?) Hla Aye

(Webmasters Memory Again)

Room 14-6 (Armourers)

Back row - Dereck Sedge : S R Alexander? : Wally Rimmer : Frank Edwards : Ron Wash : Alan Lill 
Middle row - Gerald (Charlie) Narraway : Richard Stephenson ? : Roy (Ginge) Walsh : Fred Daniels : Geoff Jordan : Michael Beaumont : Alan Goulden  
Front row - B.E.Smith? : Joe Ward : Dave Rawson : Sgt Davis : Geoffrey Parker : Tony Bowden : Terry Wright

Room 16-2

Back Row - Mike Stidever, Mike Wilton, ??, ??, ??, Doug Chapman

Middle Row - Malcolm (Paddy) Pallister, Les Thomas, Michael Carpenter(?), David Makepeace, Robert Fishwick, John (Mac) Walker

Front Row - Brian Dring, Dave Bidgood, Bernie Ingham, ??, Nelson Balasubramium, Eric (Titch) Holtby.

Room 16-3

Back Row - ??, Eddie Redwood, ??, Chris England, ??.

Middle Row - Soe Tint, Roy King, ??, Roy Rosvear, ??, Dave Lynch.

Front Row - ??, Keith Saunders, Dennis Hill, Pete Wilby, Pete Ruskin, Viv Nicholson, Tint Swe.

Room 16-4

Room 16-5

Back Row:-Eddie Godley, Tony Hebden, ? Bretherton, Al Cooper, Arthur Barratt, Ken Godden (Burmese)

Middle Row:- Mike Read, ???, Jimmy Riddle, Bob Veck, Robin Phipps, Ron Towns, Jack Baker,

Front Row:- Ba Yee (Burmese), Jake Ramsey, John Chatfield, Tommy Tucker, Jock Lamond, Bob Martin.

Room 16-6

Back Row - Jim Stratton, Ian Beard, Trevor Wright, Trevor Riches, Bob Swatton

Middle Row - Mike Anscombe, Keith Ford, Ed Spencer, Alan Bell, Derek Parker, Ashley Shaw, Derek Hamand

Front Row - Dave Wilkins, Derek Grimstone, Brian Marsh, Chris Abrey, Mike Topp, Ron Sells